Friday, June 18, 2010

Ray-Ban Introduces New Technologically-Enhanced Sun Glass Line

Ray-Ban, manufacturer of top-of-the-line sunglasses since 1937, now releases a new, innovative line dubbed Ray-Ban Tech, which features the most advanced and technologically-enhanced sunglasses and frames.

For decades, Ray Ban sunglasses have become more than an accessory for every man and woman, it has evolved from being an supplementary component to your ensemble to a crucial part of your get-up.

Now, more than 7 decades after introducing the first Anti-Glare sunglasses to the world, the leading creator of high-end sunglasses comes up with a new line that will change the way consumers and sunglasses enthusiasts look at lens and frames.

First on the list of Ray-Ban's newest collection is the Carbon Fibre and CL Carbon Lite line. The Carbon Fibre infuses style and technology, giving way to a lighter, stronger, and more comfortable pair of sun glasses.

What makes the Carbon Fibre different from all other aviators is it's lightweight. But its light weight doesn't make it any weaker. As a matter of fact, the Carbon Fibre frame boasts of one of the best strength-to-weight ratios for any material used in a sun glass.

It has a water-cut carbon sheet that has 7 various layers of carbon fibres mixed with resin. This makes the frames very flexible and highly-resistant to pressure. It can last a lifetime and survive several years' worth of opening and closing.

The lens are also durable. They've gone through a hardening process which is proven by the Drop Ball test. The Drop Ball test is done by dropping a 5/8 inch steel ball onto the lenses at the height of 50 inches. This guarantees that the lens won't easily break under extreme pressure.

More importantly, Ray-Ban's newest collection, the Carbon Fibre, is comfortable and efficient. The logo-embossed tips of its frames are injected rubber, causing no discomfort to the ear at all. Plus, its strong grip keeps the sun glass in place, no matter how much movement the wearer makes.

The Carbon Fibre sun glasses are fit to wear outside. It's enhanced and polarized lenses make sure that they eyes are protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun yet still providing superbly clear sight.

Ray-Ban's newest collection will surely be a hit among aviator lovers. They also come in two different versions--polarized and non-polarized. The lenses come in three colors: green, brown, and mirror-grey. They're functional, comfortable, and stylish.

Find out more about Ray-Ban's newest collection, the Carbon Fibre, by checking out their website:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Consumer Electronics Live!

Calling all techie boys and girls out there, this is the event you'll die to see, the Consumer Electronics Live! at the SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.
This three-day event will kick off on October 24 and will last until the 26th. Cool gadgets and gizmos are showcased here, and I guarantee that you guys will drool over the hottest and latest spawns of technology.
The good news? You can win cool stuff (I mean free, expensive, brand new gadgets) in the daily raffles.
Among the exhibitors are: HP, Samsung, LG Electronics, Nokia, Sony, Apple, and Canon.
Want to take part in the excitement? Register at

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Going Campin'!

WordCamp Philippines is a few weeks away. And before the event takes place, more and more people are signing up to be a part of it. Incidentally, more companies have agreed to sponsor the event:

The event will be on September 6, 2008 to be held at the College of St. Benilde, Taft Ave., Manila.

Informative and fun sessions await the participants in this whole-day event. See y'all there!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


August 4, 2008 marked the first night of the rest of my life. It was official, this day (or night) I become a vampire, a creature of the dark. Someone who wanders in the streets in the dark, looking for a way to get to work while rubbing away sleepiness from my eyes. God, I never thought I'd be in this kind of ritual again.
One year ago I promised myself that I will cease to live the life of a nocturnal creature so I resigned from my call center job. It was sad because I will miss my good friends who got me through all those nakakatamad and nakakaantok nights, the joy of smoking pot (kidding, yosi lang, Marlboro lights pa nga eh) in front of 7-11, and most of all, the hefty pay. But I didn't look back, I was ready to live a normal life, to face the sun once again. So I took a job at a PR firm, a daytime job, which I eventually left after several months and gained a lot of relief and some well-deserved break.
So back to the unemployed club again. There were several attempts to go back to the workforce, but to no avail. I almost landed a job at a big cable channel, something I have been waiting for a long time. I got the call, asking me to report to work but after some thinking, I decided to pass. I almost kicked myself for doing that but then as the Halliwell sisters always say: Everything happens for a reason. It turned out that it did happen for a reason.
There are two things that I want to do in life: 1.) Be on Survivor, and 2.) Become a writer. The first one didn't work out well, maybe this season is not for me, so I decided to stop sulking and see if the other one would work out fine. Again, the Halliwell sisters were right. I almost did not try out for Survivor thinking that I might face some problems taking a leave for work (being the over-thinker I am). But because "things happen for a reason," I forced myself to think that something good will come. And it did. Quite unexpectedly, the one thing I've been trying to get since college has suddenly fallen into my lap due to another frustrating encounter (thank you Ms. Interviewer from Convergy's). The very same day I got rejected in a call center post, I got accepted as a --what else? A writer ! In just two hours.
For a while, the Survivor thing didn't seem to be as frustrating as before. Now I got something I've been working hard for a very long time. I finally got a shot in this writing stint and it did open a couple of doors for me right now. Hopefully, this writing can branch itself out some more. And who knows, the Survivor thing will present itself next season.
Last year, when I walked out of Sitel, I swore that I will never take a job that requires a graveyard shift. I went back on my word, because now, I am sitting in front of my laptop, typing these words at 4 in the morning while trying to think of a fourth article for the day. I should be cursing my situation right now. Should be bitching because no one deserves to break backs (or fingers, in my case) working at night and grumbling because I am very sleepy.
But I am not complaining. This is the life I love. It's not work for me. Yet I earn.
I am anything but resentful. I am grateful. Very grateful. I live to write, even in the wee hours of the night.
Thankful to God that my efforts paid off. Now that I am what I have always wanted to be, my lips would not utter words of complaint.
August 4, 2008 marked the day that I became a vampire again. But it gave me my soul. I am a vampire, a vampire with a soul - Angel.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Join WordCamp Philippines

On September 6, 2008, the College of St., Benilde will be having WordCamp Philippines, the premier event for bloggers, WordPress users and developers. It is the venue for all enthusiasts to learn from the best in the industry and further hone their skills, come together to share and learn the latest updates in WordPress.

I have been a 'writer' for quite some time now, submitting article to several submission sites, doing freelance work,a nd writing web content, but I have never been a participant in any writing workshop, lecture, or anything close to it. I've always thought that writing seminars and workshops will teach me a lot. Not to mention the cool people you'll meet and learn from. This is why when my supervisor sent us an email informing us of the event, I wasted no time registering (there are only limited slots and as of the moment, there are only a few slots left).

For interested writers, bloggers, and enthusiasts, you can visit and the Mindanao Bloggers website.

The event is made possible by:
Register now before all the slots get full!

p.s. meron ding cool shirts you can purchase on the website, you can either have them shipped to you or just claim it on the day of the event.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A.I., P.I.

American Idol rocks!

You can say it is the most popular show in the world based on the number of people who tune in every Tuesday and Wednesday (US time) and the number of franchises all over the world.

If my memory serves me right, it was in 2003 when American Idol caught the hearts of Filipinos because of Camille Velasco and Jasmine Trias, who finished third. Mula noon, mas madame na ang pinoy na nanunuod ng American Idol. From that season, naging hooked na din ako sa AI, at kahit hindi makaboto, taimtim akong nananalangin na sana wag matanggal si Carrie, Vonzelle, Anthony, Jasmine, Constantine, Mikaila, Katharine, Elliot, Lisa, David A., Ramielle, at iba pa. Syempre yung iba natanggal. Si Carrie lang sa mga bet ko ang nanalo.

The first time na dumating s Pilipinas ang idol franchise, exciting para sa mga gaya ko na mahilig sa reality shows. ABC 5 pa ang may-ari ng franchise. Pinanuod ko sya mula audition kasi nga may element of novelty. Titingnan mo kung papantay sya sa panlasa gaya ng AI. In a way, the first season did. Masaya sya panoorin. nakita ko pang nag-audition yung college schoolmate namen dati na si Jaja. Magaling sya kumanta, medyo chubby, at maganda ang personality. Ewan ko kung bkit hindi sya naka move on sa next level.

Ayos ang treatment ng ABC sa Philippine Idol. Swak si Agoncillo as host. The judges were very credible: Ryan C., Pilita Coralles, and Francis M., masasabi mo na authorized sila to judge a contest that big. Magagaling din ang mga contestants. Syempre may boses, pero higit sa lahat, may personality.

I even met some of the Idols sa Metrowalk one night when we went out for coffee. Technically and creatively, maganda ang treatment ng ABC. Medyo kinulang nga lang sa marketing kaya hindi gaano nag-rate kaya nalipat sa GMA 7.

You'd think that with a network as big as GMA, mas magiging maganda ang kalalabasan ng show. I personally think na mas magiging mabenta sya. Unfortunately, it disappoints in many aspects.

First, medyo alangan ako sa judges. Okay na si Ogie A. dahil matagal na din sya sa business at maganda ang credentials nya. Wyngard Tracy, okay na sana kasi halata naman na talagang he is out to look for the next singing star. Yun nga lang, may times na makikita mo na may effort to be as rude as Simon Cowell--hindi naturally believable. Then, si Jolina M. She was the least person I'd think they'd get as a judge. Sure, she is a very talented performer and well-liked personality. pero hindi sya that strong as a singer, mas marami ang mas magalong na singer sa kanya who could really judge an Idol contestant. Bakit hindi si Regine V. na beterana na, she'd make a better and more credible judge. But then Jolina is not doing a bad job, not great, but not that bad.

The host, Raymond, is a good host. But for some reason, there's something that doesn't quite connect with him and the show. Hindi ko masyado napapanuod ang PI dahil wala sya gaano thrill para sa akin. Unlike AI, kulang sya sa bentahe sa akin. Ewan ko, pero siguro if I force myself to watch more, baka magustuhan ko na sya. Pero down to seven na lang sila, at hindi pa ako convinced na it is worth my time.

Louie Ignacio is the director of the show (ata) and buti na lang magaling syang director dahil kaya nya ibenta ang show using other aspects. Watch SOP and you'll see na magaling sya. Yun nga lang, for PI, parang medyo wala yung magic nya, para sa akin. Medyo may kulang pa, siguro dahil na rin may obvious similarities sa attack ng mga shots, blocking, spiels(?), at flow ng show.

Siguro if they try to make it more of their own, baka mas maging maganda. Suhestyon lang naman.

Sa mga contestants, okay naman sila. Magagaling kumanta, obviously, but gaya ng mga unang nabanggit, may kulang. Siguro sa personality o stage presence, o baka ako lang ang nag-iisip nito. Hindi ako fan ng PBB o PDA sa kabilang istasyon pero mas gusto ko panoorin ang mga contestants ng PDA over the Idols.

Having said all these, hindi nman lahat ng first-time franchises ay ie-expect mo na sobrang ganda agad, we have to give the network and productionstaff some slack. Kaya okay pa din para sa akin to. At dahil isa sa mga former classmates ko nung college ay kasali as one of the remaining contestants sa Idol.

Kay Elizalde "Kid" Camaya, good luck and make the Tamarraws proud!

"I am the Ultimate Survivor"

I am a true Survivor fan.

Ever since the second season, which I saw on Studio 23 years ago, I got hooked. It was a mixture of a lot of things. Wala pa akong nakitang television show na katulad ng Survivor that time. The concept was unlike others. At tsaka maganda siyang break from the cheesy and crappy soap operas at slapstick comedy shows sa local primetime.

Anyway, I won't be discussing how I came to love the show. Survivor fanatics reading this (sana may mga nagbabasa) would understand. And para sa mga hindi Survivor junkie, for sure alam na nila kung ano ang Survivor dahil maglalabas ng sariling franchise ang GMA 7.

To those who know me well, they can attest na isa akong true-blue Survivor fanatic. hindi bale nang umabsent ako sa klase noon at may ma-miss na exam, makapanuod lang ng Survivor. Sa enrollment, hindi ako kukuha ng subjects na naka-sched ng Friday, unless sobrang maaga sya, para maabutan ko ang live feed ng Survivor sa Studio 23. Yan at iba pang mga kalokokhan ko noon para lang sa Survivor.

Nung second year college ako, I wanted to be a castaway so bad. I went online sa CBS website to check on eligibility rules.

Shet, for US citizens lang. Bummer.

Binalikan ko ang Political Science class ko noong first year ako. Naturalization ang kasagutan sa pangarap ko. You have to be at least residing in the US for 5 years before you can apply for a change in citizenship (hindi ako ganun kasigurado sa figures pero yun ang naalala ko). 5 years, medyo matagal. Kailangan ko din magipon ng pera para makapunta ng Tate. Hindi pa ako graduate ng college, ilang taon pa, so matagal-tagal pa. Naiisip ko, kung sakaling dumating ang panahon na pwede na akong maging US citizen, wala ng Survivor.

Just to give you an idea how much I like the show, picture these:

1. Sa mga swimming outings, sa tuwing lalangoy ako, iniisip ko na immunity challenge sya. Kinokontsaba ko ang mga kasama ko na sabay sabay kami tatakbo sa pool.

2. Kapag ihaw na isda o baboy ang ulam namin, nagkukusa akong magpabaga ng apoy. Bakit? Iniisip ko na nasa fire-making challenge ako. Bago magsimula, kukuha muna ako ng mga kahoy at ilalagay sa isang spot, ilalapag ang lighter sa kabilang dulo at magtatawag ng isang tao para orasan ang paggawa ko ng apoy. Pag walang ibang tao, gumagawa na lang ako ng mental scenario. Parang tanga di ba?

3. Maarte ako sa pagkain. Ayoko ng buro, sawa, kambing, aso, pusa, daga, kahit atsara ayoko. Pero nakakain na ako ng palaka pero dahil inisip ko lang na nasa immunity challenge lang ako. Kahit nasa hapag ako kasama ang mga pinsan ko, hahawakan ko muna ang isang maliit na piraso ng karne, pause sandali, sasambitin ang "Go!" saka isusubo. Syempre nakapikit ako habang ngumunguya nang may pagka OA. Pagka lunok, ilalabas ang dila.

4. Minsan hindi ako naliligo dahil iniisip ko na sa isla, walang liguan.

5. Sa mga school projects, hanggat pwede ilusot, nilalagyan ko ng Survivor elements. Second year college, SocAnthro class. Kailangan namen gumawa ng family tree. Ang ginawa ko, nag-drowing ako ng dalawang isla, Jaburu at Tambaqui. Yung mga pangalan ng mga ninuno ko nakasulat sa papel na korteng "tiki". Nilagyan ko ng mga marka ang isla na parang isang totoong mapa. Ang pambato sa project? Yung logo ng Survivor, pero pinalitan ko ng "SocAnthro" yung "Survivor." Pagkabalik sa akin nung project, may mga red circles ang prof ko at nakasulat na: 'What does this mean?"

6. Ang Thesis 1 ko ay entitled "The Role of Reality Shows in the Fight Against Social Discrimination". Yung Thesis 2 ko: "A Textual Analysis of Survivor: Amazon."

7. Eto na siguro ang ultimate proof ng pagiging Survivor fan, ang pag-audition sa first installment ng Survivor:Philippines.